What is SCOUT Magazine?

Besides a badass digital publication, it's your GUIDE to REAL FOOD

Changing your life and your health has never been more fun!

Why it's Different?

It is no surprise those magazine "Gift Guides", "Style Guides" or "The Season's Must Haves" are so popular. They are simple to understand, visually bold, and to the point! I created SCOUT around our favorite parts.

  • Guides to eating more Real Food, and how and where to find it
  • Game Changers to help make Real Food easy for our busy schedules
  • Quick and simple recipes for even those who claim they can't cook
  • No magazine ads, long boring articles, or filler word fluff. Just the good stuff.
  • And, digital links to podcasts with nutrition experts and how to videos! Yes!

People Dig It

"Finally, a magazine that cuts right through the BS and gets to the good stuff. For someone with the attention span of a gerbil and the cooking skills to match, this magazine may have just saved my life. Make breakfast while I take a shower? Cue the "Game Changer" Eggs in a Muffin Tin recipe.
When Real Food Scout promises "simple, easy and real," she delivers 100%

-Melissa, Los Angeles

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